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At the Community Liaison Group it was agreed that FFBRA would submit a number of further questions to Angus to answer. These have now been published on the Angus Website, overwriting the previous FAQs that were there.

We have reviewed your list and will publish on our website this week, for all to see, the information you requested. Please note some of your queries we cannot answer as this subset is considered to be forward looking information under a separate regulatory regime. As a public company, Angus Energy is limited in what it may say to any individual or sub group about future plans or third party statements (including operations, economic performance as well as the assumptions underlying or relating to such statements). 

The questions FFBRA submitted that were not answered are as follows:

  • If the 7 day flow test is successful will you apply for a production license?
  • Where will the water for diluting the hydrochloric acid come from?
  • Methodology for the calculation of emissions from the flare
  • Is the well pad at Lower Stumble big enough to site another well? Or are you looking at other sites?
  • The pressure applied to the well bore when the Hydrochloric Acid is added – what equipment will you be using to monitor that pressure?

Questions answered by Angus are as follows:

What timings are the HGV and deliveries working to avoid school drop off and pickup?This is detailed in clause 1.13 of the published Traffic Management Plan.

HGV movements are timed to avoid school start and finish periods. Therefore, there are no movements past the school at the following times: 8:30am – 09:30am & 2.45pm – 3.45pm.

Following the Company’s consultation with local school administrators the Company unilaterally added a restriction to also exclude any HGV movements between 11:30-12:30.

Where and when will the documentation be published giving new details of emissions monitoring, site containment, leak detection, a pollution incident plan and a plan for vapour recovery as required by the new environmental permit?

All relevant EA permits are published on Angus website:

What are the results of the Cement Bond Logs?

The Cement Bond logs confirm the Balcombe-2Z cement job was performed to a high standard, utilising the highest quality cement. Further, the logs conclusively confirm the strong integrity of the well and its complete zonal isolation. Industry experts refer to this well as having ‘no communication’. Everything enters and leaves the well at the surface borehole as commanded by operators.

What level of concentrated hydrochloric acid will be delivered to the site?

The same dilution used for cleaning water wells, 15%.

Where will the water for diluting the hydrochloric acid come from?

It’s already diluted

Why can’t you test the composition of the gases produced by the flare? Why do you need to rely on a mathematical calculation?

As we measure what goes in we can calculate what comes out

Will you be reinjecting any fluids into any wells at Lower Stumble?

Any produced fluids will taken off-site

If produced water/waste fluids are not reinjected, where will they be taken for treating and disposal?

The fluids are taken to dedicated waste treatment plants

Have you had any discussions with landowners about access for the second well in this PEDL area? Have any locations been decided on?


Do you expect to have to redrill the horizontal bore (2z)?


Do you think there is any earthquake or tremor risk from your work at Lower Stumble?

Absolutely not.

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The Flow Test Diary page is recording Angus’ Flow Test Operations and keeping our members and supporters uptodate with the latest information and news happening onsite.

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