Angus Energy in Balcombe

In January 2018 Angus Energy announced that it had agreed to acquire a 25% Interest in the Balcombe Licence PEDL244 subject to consent by the OGA (Oil and Gas Authority). Angus Energy also owns and operates conventional production fields in Brockham and Lidsey. Angus was granted consent and is now the operator at the Lower Stumble site.

In September 2018 Angus gave notice that they were returning to Balcombe to flow test the well drilled in 2013 by Cuadrilla. They did not complete the ork.

In October 2019 Angus applied for permission to carry out an “Extended Well Test” for 3 years. This was recommended for refusal by the WSCC planners and was withdrawn by Angus before it went to planning committee. However, in September 2020 Angus submitted a new application for an 18 month Extended Well Test which was refused by the WSCC planning committee.  This refusal was then appealed and has been granted by the planning inspectorate which means that Angus now have until February 2026 to return and complete the well test.

Angus returned to Balcombe in 2018 to complete the flow test on the well drilled by Cuadrilla Resources in 2013.

Angus’ planning application for a 3 year extended well test submitted in October 2019 was recommended for refusal and subsequently withdrawn before it reached the planning committee.  See the latest news pages and flow test diary for the latest updates on planning applications.

Angus Energy plc. is a UK AIM quoted independent onshore oil and gas
production and development company focused on leveraging its expertise to advance its portfolio of UK assets as well as acquire, manage and monetise select projects. Angus Energy majority owns and operates conventional oil production fields at Brockham (PL 235) and Lidsey (PL 241) and has a 25% interest in the Balcombe Licence (PEDL244) and a 12.5% interest in the PEDL143 Licence (A24 Prospect)

Angus are already operating across the Weald at Brockham, Holmwood and Lidsey and stated that they would flow test Balcombe as soon as possible. They have infrastructure in place for transporting oil because of their existing wells and are keen to get started on the Sussex shale bed. Angus are notorious for being in a battle with Surrey County Council after apparently drilling an additional side well without a valid planning permission at their existing well site Brockham. Angus are a small oil company listed on the London Alternative Investment Market

Angus History with Surrey County Council at the Brockham Planning Committee

Chairman, Tim Hall, 8th August 2018

“I do say to Angus, in the nicest possible way, you have been the least reliable hydrocarbon applicant we have dealt with. The fracas over this application at the start and the less than clear and open position you took with us does not fill myself or the Vice Chairman with great cheer.

“Since then however you have appointed sensible professional advisers, one of whom is in the room, and you have done all the things we would expect from any applicant. But, we do feel more than a little bit annoyed as an authority, a little bit irritated, and I would say to you – having sat and watched an awful lot of Mr Vonk’s YouTube video coverage, sent to me by a series of objectors, – consistency of approach and validity and evidence will be expected at every stage and, if it is not consistent, the nice people from the Environment section, who are sitting at the back of the room, will be round to talk to you, with our very professional legal department following them.

“We have had to take legal advice from a QC, we have had to do a number of things that we would not normally want to do, because you have not historically been consistent and taken the right professional advice and done the right professional things.

“We will expect the maximum standards of professionalism from you and your advisors throughout the next 3 years (if you get the permission in the next five minutes) and we will expect the maximum transparency from you as well.”

Angus have setup the following email and information lines:

Balcombe Email:
Balcombe Tel: 0203 974 2991

Angus have also provided the following Documentation to Balcombe Parish Council: