Timeline of Planning Applications

February 2023

Appeal 2021/0004
Section S78 Appeal

Appeal Decision: Allowed

September 2020


Remove drilling fluids and carry out an extended well test

Decision: Refused

October 2019


Remove drilling fluids and carry out an extended well test. This proposal is a two-stage activity: , 1) Pumping out previously used drilling fluids to ascertain any oil flow (up to 4 weeks) , 2) Should oil be seen to flow, an extended well test would be carried out over a period of 3 years.

Recommended for refusal and did not go to planning committee.

August 2019

Angus confirm that they are in discussion with WSCC about a 3 year Extended Well Test

January 2018


Temporary permission for exploration and appraisal comprising the flow testing and monitoring of the existing hydrocarbon lateral borehole along with site security fencing, the provision of an enclosed testing flare and site restoration

Decision: Granted

May 2014 


Temporary permission for exploration and appraisal comprising the flow testing and monitoring of the existing hydrocarbon lateral borehole along with site security fencing, the provision of an enclosed testing flare and site restoration

Decision: Granted

July 2013 


Amendment of condition 3 of WSCC/027/10/BA to vary the type of flare used during the testing process.


July 2013 


Amendment of condition 2 of WSCC/027/10/BA to allow additional time to complete the drilling and testing programme and restore the site.


January 2010


To upgrade existing stoned platform and drill an exploratory borehole for oil and gas exploration.

Decision: Granted



Retention of existing borehole site for forestry products storage and improvements to existing access.

Decision: Granted



Construction of hard standing in association with exploratory drilling exercise.

Decision: Granted