A decade on… and we are still fighting

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It’s over 10 years since Cuadrilla first arrived in Balcombe and we still have a fossil fuel company trying to elbow its way into Balcombe  Haven’t they noticed the climate has changed?  

Frack Free Balcombe Resident’s Association now totals over 400 members and over the years the majority in the village have said NO.   

Balcombe Parish Council has said NO since 2015, and in March 2020 WSCC planners unanimously voted to refuse the application. Their reasons? It is not in the public interest to have a major development in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB), and the residual need for hydrocarbons can be met elsewhere.

Our Residents Association

HGV traffic: Significant increase in HGVs close to the school and on London Road. Many of the HGVs are 6-axle vehicles that take up the entire length of the school as they wait to go down London Road. They cross both sides of the road as they turn into the site, and many are so tall they risk hitting the low-slung power lines.  

Flaring: Angus will have a flare on site for a year. The site is below the village and the prevailing wind will blow pollutants straight towards residents  

Risk to water and geology: An independent hydrology report found that the oil well was not sound in all sections which ‘increases the risk to groundwater quality’. Commenting on Angus energy’s risk assessment they stated ‘understanding of risk to groundwater systems (………) is wholly inadequate’ (Tapajos Hydrology report 2019). 

Seismic riskOil developments in the Weald and elsewhere have been associated with and proved to cause earthquakes  

Not temporary: Each time an oil company works here it sets a precedent for more work to follow. They are flow-testing for oil and will be producing oil in the hope they can apply for further production. This will mean more disruption to locals for little gain, and contribute to climate change. 

Our crowdfunding page “Stop Oil Exploration in Balcombe, Sussex” is live on CrowdJustice https://www.crowdjustice.com/case/stop-balcombe-oil/ please pledge whatever you can.