Government Ends Support for Fracking

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On 2nd November 2018 the Government announced that it had ended support for fracking following a review of the seismic events at the Preston New Road site in Lancashire.

FFBRA is delighted with this news, many of us have been fighting fracking for over a decade.

The seismic events in Lancashire have led to two moratoriums on fracking in 2011 a 2.3 magnitude tremor led to a moratorium which lasted a year and no fracking took place in the UK for 7 years when fracking started at a different site in Lancashire – Preston New Road – during the fracking a 2.9 magnitude tremor was recorded leading to a moratorium until “further studies can provide clarity”.

Unfortunately the temporary ban will have no effect on the current Angus planning application for extended well testing as Angus are acidising not fracking. We encourage residents and our supporters to object to the application on the West Sussex County Council website.

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