The WSCC Planning Committee Meeting was held on 2nd March at 10.30am

You can watch a recording of the meeting here:


– Chris Bartlett the WSCC planning officer introduced the history of the site and the application recommending approval for the application
– Five speakers spoke against the application and one from Angus Energy spoke in support
– Members debated the application, members moved towards REFUSING permission. all 13 Members voted UNANIMOUSLY to REFUSE the application.

Angus’s Planning Application to flow test at Lower Stumble will be decided at the West Sussex Planning Committee Meeting on 2nd March. This is a virtual meeting. The Planning Officer will present his report and his reasons for recommending approval. Then there will be speakers against the application; followed by speakers for the application.

Finally the 13 West Sussex County Councillors will discuss the application and then vote.

Planning and Rights of Way Committee
Tuesday, 2nd March 2021 at 10:30am
You can join the live meeting here:

Our Residents Association

FFBRA was formed in 2013 and objects fundamentally to the presence of the oil and gas industry in our village on grounds of air pollution, industrialisation, water use, potential water pollution, earthquakes and health impacts, toxic waste, climate change, noise, traffic, and the imposition on our once peaceful lives of stress and strife. If you would like to become a member you can do so online.

Please help our campaign to keep the Oil and Gas Industry out of Balcombe. Any donation however small will help to fight the next planning application.  You can donate to FFBRA online via Paypal using your Credit or Debit card.