Date set to decide if Angus Energy will return to Balcombe

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WSCC Councillors will decide on 2nd March 2021 whether or not to allow Angus to carry out a one year well test at Lower Stumble.

First of all. Thanks to everyone who submitted objections to Angus’s application (805 people objected and 4 were in favour).

Angus’s application has finally been scheduled for determination at the next West Sussex County Council Planning Committee Meeting (2nd March) 2021.

At that meeting arguments will be put for and against the application and then the 13 councillors on the Planning Committee will vote.

In 2020 Angus submitted an application for a 1 year test (plus additional time to set up the site, extract drilling fluids and build an impermeable platform). It is this application that is being considered on March 2nd. There was a previous application for a 3 year test which Angus withdrew because the Planning Officer recommended refusal.

Despite the only main change being the time period, the Planning Officer is now recommending approval.

However the decision is up to the Planning Committee They do sometimes vote against the Planning Officers’ recommendations.

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And go to page 15 onwards of the Agenda Reports Pack.

Not suitable in an AONB.
Not in the public interest.
Risk of pollution to nearby reservoir.
Impact of flaring on air quality and health.
Increased HGVs going pass the school.
Risk of groundwater contamination

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