CPRE speaking out strongly against Fracking

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“It’s the frightening reality of what these communities are now facing that has convinced us to step up our campaign to stop fracking in its tracks”

This has been very interesting to watch over the last 5 years. In 2013 when the drill arrived at Balcombe, CPRE were very much on the fence this is what they said in November 2013

“the CPRE will say that it is “realistic and open to debate” on fracking, recognising there is a “debate to be had about our energy mix if we are to meet our current and future needs”.
That reflects the belief that gas represents a “least worst” option compared with coal-fired power stations because it produces relatively less carbon dioxide.”

Now in 2018

“It’s become increasingly unlikely that shale will ever be treated as a short term “transition fuel” to help us move away from coal”
“We called for a total halt to fracking unless it could be demonstrated it would reduce carbon emissions, avoid unacceptable harm to landscapes and wider environment (through effective regulation) and be subject to democratic planning.”

This totally represents how a lot of people form their opinions of fracking – at first it makes sense and then the more you learn and research the stronger you object.

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