Community Liaison Group Formed

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On Monday 17th September an Extraordinary Meeting of Balcombe Parish Council was held where the Parish Councillors voted for the representative of the Community Liaison Group (CLG).

The CLG is to “provide a forum for communication between the Operator and interested local parties, including local residents, regarding the flow testing and monitoring operations to take place at the Lower Stumble, Balcombe exploration site.”

FFBRA will be represented on this group by Louisa Delpy, FFBRA’s Vice Chair. The other community representatives are Helen Butcher, Isabel Gordon and Sally Dowsett.

The CLG will provide a forum for two-way dialogue between the Operator and representatives of the local community regarding the testing operations at the site. Meetings will provide CLG members with an opportunity to raise matters with the Operator. In turn, the community representatives will be able to feedback the Operator’s responses to the wider community in addition to any direct communication that the Operator may send out.
The CLG will seek to provide the following:
• An understanding to the Operator of the views of the local communities in a structured way;
• An opportunity to further develop the local community’s understanding of the operations;
• A mechanism for the Operator to address comments or concerns relevant to the testing operations raised by the CLG;
• A mechanism for community representatives to feedback a summary of the CLG’s discussions and conclusions to the local community.
The CLG will have no decision-making function, its purpose is to facilitate the flow of information between the Operator and the local community and to allow questions and issues to be addressed.
CLG members are encouraged to discuss any matters raised at the meetings with other members of the local community and bring their views to the meeting.

The first meeting will take place on Thursday 20th October. Louisa is gathering questions from our members. If you have a question you would like put to the CLG please contact us

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