Angus plans extended Well Test

Published by FFBRA on

An extract from FFBRA’s invitation to the Community Liaison Group hosted by Balcombe Parish Council

“Angus Energy are currently preparing a planning application for submission to West Sussex County Council (WSCC) for further works on the Balcombe-2Z hydrocarbon borehole. These works will include a short term well clean-up operation and an Extended Well Test (EWT) phase to establish the commerciality of the well.

Angus Energy would therefore like to convene a Community Liaison Group (CLG) meeting in order to discuss their proposed plans before the application is submitted, such that the company can take into account concerns from the local community before submission. The purpose of the meeting is for them to outline future plans, explain the rationale behind the upcoming operations, and to provide information on the various bits of equipment that will be used. Furthermore, it is an opportunity for members of the CLG to put forward their points of view on the proposed work. The proposed date for the meeting would be the Wednesday 28th August at 7pm in Bramble Hall. Please could you confirm whether you are able to attend the suggested meeting date.

Furthermore, Angus Energy would also like to convene a second CLG meeting some weeks after submission of the application to deal with any further questions that may arise. This will be organised well in advance post submission.”