Angus Energy Starts Flow Test and Publishes Permits

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Angus Energy has published the permits received to commence the Flow Test at Balcombe.

They include the consent from the Oil and Gas Authority – APPLICATION FOR AN EXTENDED WELL TEST FOR Balcombe 2Z 1, UNDER LICENCE PEDL244 (‘Licence’)

Approval is given to: get petroleum in performance of the Well test, up to a volume of 350 tonnes in accordance with the Programme; and erect and carry out the Relevant Works (as defined in Clause 17(9) of the Licence).
In addition to its approval of the Programme, the OGA gives its consent pursuant to Clause 24 (3) (a) of the Licence for the flaring of gas during the Well test period as specified in the Programme, up to a volume of 11500 cubic metres.

FFBRA has received the following correspondence from the OGA as a result of FFBRA asking to clarify the permit.

The OGA did give Angus approval for a 7 day extended well test (EWT) and consent to flare any associated gas for the exploration well, Balcombe 2Z in PEDL244, and they began operations on Saturday 22 September. The horizontal well was drilled by Cuadrilla Resources in 2014.*

The results of the flow test could provide useful geologic information about the Kimmeridge oil potential in the Weald Basin.

The consent does not give permission to carry out any hydraulic fracturing and no hydraulic fracturing has been proposed.

If the test is successful, the commercial development would require a Field Development Plan and a production consent from the OGA. It would also require other regulatory approvals from the Local Planning Authority, the Environment Agency and Health and Safety Executive.

*Note – the well was drilled by Cuadrilla in 2013 not 2014 as stated by the OGA.

Angus also include the Traffic Management Plan discharge notice from West Sussex County Council on their website making reference to signage “appropriate signage will be erected prior to the development commencing on site” which has not been put in place and has resulted in many very large articulated lorries missing the entrance to the site, getting lost in Balcombe village and having to come through the village past the village Primary Schools multiple times.

FFBRA has received the following update regarding the Traffic Management Plan from Chris Bartlett at WSCC

Following the CLG meeting, I re-checked the Traffic Management Plan and noted the agreed signage.  This was then forwarded to Angus, reminding them of the need for the signage.  As I understand, the signage is on way to the site and will be erected and in place by tomorrow at the very latest.

Regarding the Traffic Management Plan on Angus’s website, this appears to be a previous version which omits reference to school pick-up/drop-off. I have informed Angus of the mistake and they are looking to update this. The approved Traffic Management Plan can be found on the planning pages for the application which includes reference to school pick-up/drop-off at section 1.13 (please note that the TMP on the planning pages omit the appendices, but we’re aware of this and these will be uploaded imminently).

The documentation can be seen on the Angus Energy Website and the WSCC Planning Portal

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