2020 Update on Angus’ Planning Application

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Angus Energy’s planning permission to flow test for 7 days expired in March 2019.

In November 2019 Angus applied for new permission (WSCC/071/19) to carry out an “Extended Well Test” for 3 years. to pump out previously used drilling fluids and carry out an extended well test over 3 years using acid and nitrogen when necessary to release and lift the oil trapped in the shale rock.

FFBRA objected to this application, along with the Environment Agency and Balcombe Parish Council. The Environment Agency requested a Hydrogeological Risk Assessment and more information on protection for ground water in their objection.

In January 2020 Angus published a Hydrological Risk Assessment and an Engineering Design Philosophy in addition to their existing documentation.

In response to this FFBRA commissioned Trevor Muten BSc MSc MPhil FGS CGeol CSci CEnv MCIWEM CWem EurGeol to review Angus Energy’s Hydrogeological Risk Assessment. Trevor has worked for the Environment Agency, South East Water and Southern Water. He has extensive experience of our local hydrogeology. We are pleased to say that the West Sussex Planning Officer asked the Environment Agency to take Trevor’s report into account when making their comments on Angus’s application.

A big thank you to everyone who has made donations to FFBRA making this possible.

The the EA have now withdrawn their objection.

What happens next?

The WSCC planning officer will send his report to the planning committee. It is likely the Angus planning application will be on the agenda for 24th March. If Angus gets approval at that meeting they will still need a permit variation from the EA before they can start work.

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