Horse Hill – 20 years of production proposed

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Four more wells are being proposed at our neighbours in Horse Hill operated by UKOG. This would allow production from a total of six wells for 20 years, with 32 average HGV movements a day . This is relevant to Balcombe because Cuadrilla, who are the license holder at Balcombe, have stated that if they find oil in recoverable quantities, they will apply for further planning permission, to start producing oil.

Oil will be pumped to the surface along with formation water and gas. The oil will be separated to storage tanks where it will be exported by tanker to a refinery. Formation water is re-injected. Gas is used to generate electricity for the site or for export. Flaring of gas will happen in an emergency or for maintenance purposes. Production could exceed 500 tonnes of oil per day, which would require up to 16 two-way oil tanker movements per day.
Duration: 20 years
Average daily HGV movements: 32

Proposed development
The drilling of four new hydrocarbon wells (adding to the two existing wells on-site), one produced water reinjection well and the subsequent installation of six surface mounted pumps (one pump per oil producing well); the construction of a process and storage area and tanker loading facility on land to the east of the existing well site to accommodate 7 oil storage tanks (capacity of 1,300 barrels per tank), 2 fire water tanks, 2 produced water tanks, an enclosed ground flare, an oil heater with an exhaust stack, 4 gas-to-power electricity generators within acoustic enclosures, oil separators, above ground pipe and cable tracks and ancillary development enabling production of hydrocarbons from six wells for a period of twenty years followed by decommissioning & site restoration.

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